Jiangsu Frey New Energy Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Frey Battery Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Frey New Energy Co., Ltd established in May,2010 , subsidiary company  Jiangsu Frey battery technology Co., Ltd established in July, 2010 in Xuzhou, one of China's important modern industrial cities and becomes a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production and marketing of lithium-ion battery, battery packs and battery management systems. Annual battery production capacity 30 million AH.

The Frey Company always takes providing green energy to the community as its responsibility and adheres to the enterprise spirit of "integrity, dedication, innovation, quality" over the years.

Frey upholds the technology-oriented concept, brings in advanced technology and equipment through technological changes and forms a whole process of line production transport system from raw material purchase, production process to inspection of finished products.

With a full set of fine manufacturing technologies, a number of high-standard strict testing and experienced professional technicians, the Frey products always moves towards the direction of high-grade, precision and advanced products and the company becomes an engine in  high-quality lithium battery innovation.

The company developed a self-development-oriented strategy, established a long-term and stable scientific research cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, China University of Mining and Technology, Germany NextEnergy and other universities and research institutions at home and abroad and set up Xuzhou Lithium Battery Engineering Technology Research Center in 2011 specializing in research and development of key materials and technologies of lithium batteries.

The center has four research institutes and two large laboratories, with a high-quality research and development team composed of 26 domestic and foreign professors and PhDs.

The center has undertaken various projects from National Natural Science Fund, participated in "973" national key basic research and development planning projects, and won the Army Science and Technology Progress Award and National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award, holding 8 invention patents and 23 utility model patents.

In 2011, the Frey Company took the lead to obtain the certification of ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System, with battery products passing CE, RoHs, MSHA, CE-EMC and others tests and certifications;

In 2012, the company became a full-fledged member of the "special working group on lithium-ion battery safety standards" of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and was listed as major program of “Twelfth Five-year Plan” Promotion Program of New Energy Automobile of Jiangsu Province;

In 2013, was approved as national high - tech enterprise;

Through a mutual accommodation of international cutting-edge technologies and innovation and reconstruction of its own core technologies, Frey gives out an ultimate presentation of technology and innovation and stands out in the adherence and breakthrough of new energy technologies.

Development events

2010,05,the establishment of JIANGSU FREY NEW ENERGY CO.,LTD.

2010,07,the establishment of Jiangsu FREY New Energy Xuzhou branch company JIANGSU FREY Battery Technology CO., LTD

2010,12,the establishment of  LFP and Fe battery production lines; succeed in pilot production.

2011,4,the LFP we produce has been inspected by China Electronics Technology Group Corporation Eighteenth Institute, Tianjin and receives EU RoHs certificates.

2011,7,the 5Ah Fe battery we produce passes through IEC and MT/T test.

2011,9,Our company passes through the ISO9001 quality authentication.

2012,2,We are selected into the centralized procurement project of China Mobile Company Guangxi Branch, being the frame supplier.

2012,5,We join the task force of MIIT on safety standards for lithium-ion as full member.

2012,7,We receive funding from National Innovation fund for High-tech Middle and Small-sized Enterprises.

2012,7,Our “ industrialization of high-rate and long-life Iron phosphate-lithium power battery project” is listed in major programs of <Jiangsu “Twelfth Five-year” Promotion Program of New Energy Automobile>.

2012,9,the long-life and high-rate nano lithium iron phosphate cathode material researched and developed independently by us is evaluated as “high-tech product”.

2012,10,the Fe battery researched and developed by us is evaluated  as “ Excellent New Product of Jiangsu Province in 2012” by  Jiangsu Province economy and informalization commission;

2013,4, we refine the key technology of  solid state method for producing nano lithium iron phosphate cathode materials. This technology has been certified by expert panel from Bureau of Science and Technology in Xuzhou.

2013,5, we acquire the filing certificate for  lithium-ion battery from  AnBiao national center.

2013,12,our “R&D and industrialization of key technology of solid state method for producing nano lithium iron phosphate cathode materials” acquire Xuzhou Technology Advancement Award.

2013,12,we are approved to become national high-tech enterprise and possess Jiangsu mobile post-doctoral research center. 2014,12,the high-performance lithium-ion battery we develop is considered as “ high-tech product” by JSTD.

2014,12,the high-performance lithium-ion battery we develop is considered as “ high-tech product” by JSTD .

2015, We cooperate with Nanjing Dongyu automobile group company for the new energy vehicle.

2016. we established 100 million AH battery production base in 2016.

2016 ,we are granted:Jiangsu industry foresight and common key technology project, primary research and development plan project.

2017.100ah lithium ion battery pass the mandatory test and won the National security center issued record certificate.

2017,we are approved to become national high-tech enterprise.

2017,7Our company award the provincial high-tech products certificate of Jiangsu Province issued by Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department

2017.11, our company's products have passed ROHS, CE, UN38.3 product testing certification and obtain certificate.

2018 .01 Our company's products have passed  MSDS product testing certification and obtain certificate.