Russian Foreign Representatives Visit Frey Battery for Investigation and Exchange
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        Lately, the representative of Russian SN transnational trade company, and her delegation made a special field trip to Jiangsu Frey Battery Technology Co., Ltd. for further cooperation. Hongyan Yao, the general manager of Frey, and several senior executives expressed warm welcome and accompanied them throughout the whole trip.

        Under the guidance of President Yao, Lena and her delegation, learned details about Frey’s development profile, product R&D certification, and market sales in Frey’s product exhibition hall.

        Later, they entered the cell’s production workshop, and learned the whole process of cells in detail, from raw material mixing to finished battery offline production.

        Then in the power supply workshop, according to visiting the orders in production,we learned about the details of various mining explosion-proof power battery, forklift lithium power battery, multiple energy storage power battery and lithium power supply's remote cloud platform data management system. Lena and her delegation also talked about their procurement planning and problems.

         Jiangsu Frey Battery has been deeply involved in the market of lithium battery products for mining and industrial vehicles for more than 10 years, insisting on independent research and development of mining battery cells with high safety and high magnification battery cells for industrial vehicles, and develops and certifies more than a dozen series of standard power supplies for MA and series mining according to market demand. At the same time, it has developed a series of mobile power supplies and household energy storage products.

         We has obtained the patent of intelligent lithium power information voice broadcast software and industrial vehicle battery embedded management software.

        Frey has entered a fast track in the new round of new energy development, and our products are exported to the Americas, Europe, Africa and other parts of the world.

        During the visit, Freys professionalism of technology research and development and production management was highly recognized by Russian foreign representatives. After the visit, the two sides further exchanged the implementation of the cooperation project and the future cooperation plan in the conference room, and the whole visit ended successfully in a harmonious atmosphere.

        Since its establishment for more than ten years, Jiangsu Frey Battery has been actively exploring new models and technologies, constantly improving its technical strength and management ability, and striving to provide customers with better products and services.

This contact with Russian foreign investors has promoted the Frey's business expansion and also enhanced the company's brand influence in a wider international scope. In the future, Frey will continue to strengthen exchanges and interactions with well-known enterprises at home and abroad, making powerful combination with them and accelerate the leapfrog development of the company.

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