Vice President of Ding Talk visited Frey to deepen cooperation in digital development of enterprises
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      On March 13, Lin Feng, Vice President of Ding Talk, lead the person in charge of hardware ecology ,a delegation of four, come to Jiangsu Frey Battery Technology Co., Ltd, for a visit and exchange, Yao Hongyan, Executive Director and General Manager of the company, led the company's team, Friendly reception. The two sides conducted in-depth communication on the cooperation in the construction of the Frey Digital Chemical Plant Park and the distributed energy storage project.


     In the factory area of Frey, President Lin and his team learned about the application of Ding Talk platforms such as Frey's access control system, conference room management, and digital work methods.Currently, Frey is also deploying and deepening the application of the MRP II system based on the application of the ding talk based version, which will achieve a comprehensive digital management model for Frey, such as online company organization, online communication, online collaboration, and online business.


     In the product exhibition hall, President Yao gave a detailed introduction to the current new product research and development, market expansion, after-sales service, etc. of Frey. In the cell production and power supply assembly workshop, President Lin and his team also comprehensively understood the intelligent production process and quality control of cell and power supply products in Frey, visited the cell testing room in Frey, and learned about the remote control of the product's big data cloud platform.


     Subsequently, the two sides had a pleasant and in-depth discussion. At the meeting, President Lin introduced the current iteration and innovative practice of hardware comprehensive ecology of Ding Talk. President Yao introduced the company's development history, future development goals, and prospects to guests. President Lin and his team highly praised the strategic layout, organizational construction, and brand culture of Jiangsu Frey Battery Technology Co., Ltd. The two sides also conducted fruitful discussions on the following strategic cooperation in the construction of digital parks.


     After the symposium, the two sides also drove to the high-end equipment industrial park in Xuzhou Hi-tech Zone to observe the on-site operation of Frey energy storage products, accumulating experience for in-depth cooperation in distributed energy storage projects in the future. This distributed energy storage project, named "Shangshannengji", is jointly made by Frey and Ding Talk. It stores energy through peak shaving, valley filling, and photovoltaic methods, and releases it at the appropriate time. It can also provide remote equipment management and services through Ding Talk, not only providing users with practical power convenience, but also playing a role in dynamic capacity expansion and emergency power supply, Effectively solve common pain points encountered by users in the use of electric energy. The visit and exchange talks will definitely open a new chapter in the digital construction and market service of Frey factories and parks.

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