Service idea

Service is the starting point and end result of all business activities of enterprises, determines the service consumption, and thus decided to produce, this is a double positive causal relationship, so we propose a new service concept, the "services" category and extension, no longer refers to the single pure customer service service, but through the development of customer service, manufacturing, marketing, sale, return the whole process, to provide one-stop service for customers to enjoy.

Wuxi special maintenance service station

contact number:15951564409

contacts:Han Guangbing

corporate name:Wuxi Xiaonenren Forklift Co., Ltd

Company address:No. 120-128, Wuzhou International Industrial Expo City, No. 299, Jincheng East Road, Wuxi New Area

Kunshan Special Maintenance Service Station

contact number:15850363007


corporate name:Suzhou Paite Forklift Co., Ltd

Company address:No. 1088, Nanhe Road, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province

Shandong Special Maintenance Service Station

Contact number: 18660900078

Contact person: Zhang Ailing

Company Name: Shandong Shunshi Automobile Sales Co., Ltd

Company address: 220 meters east of the intersection of Changchun West Road and Xicheng Street, Lanshan District, Linyi City

Tianjin Special Maintenance Service Station

Contact number: 13821500835

Contact person: Liu Shuanglin

Company Name: Tianjin Senpeng Construction Machinery Market Management Co., Ltd

Company address: No.124 Dongting Road, Binhai New Area Development Zone, Tianjin

Yingkou Special Maintenance Service Station

Contact number: 18604072943

Contact person: Chen Xiaoxiao

Company Name: Yingkou Hongtai Construction Machinery Co., Ltd

Company address: No. 55 Zhongyi Road, Small and Medium Enterprise Park, Laobian District, Yingkou City, Liaoning Province