Research Center

Xuzhou lithium battery Engineering Technology Research Center was established by the Xuzhou science and Technology Bureau in July 2011. It is a scientific research institution specializing in the research and development of key materials for lithium batteries. Based on the engineering center of China University of Mining and Technology, under the four Research Institute (electrolyte materials research electrode, Research Institute, Institute of diaphragm and battery management system research institute), two research centers (new product design research center, testing center), and two large laboratory. The L laboratory at the China University of Mining and Technology, mainly studies lithium battery cathode materials and electrolyte, battery management system, ll laboratory is located in Jiangsu Fu swiss new energy Co. Ltd. incubator, mainly to carry out research on cathode materials of lithium battery technology, battery diaphragm test, new product development and testing and. In addition, there are lithium battery development research center, the central office.
       The engineering center has established a team of 26 domestic and foreign professors, Dr. R & D team, the team has undertaken the National Natural Science Foundation project, participated in the "973" national key basic research and development program, won military scientific and technological progress and the national defense science and technology progress award.
       It was awarded the provincial key R & D program in 2016
       Name of project: research and development of lithium ion power battery with high specific energy,
       Project cycle: 2 years to complete, the project results: 19invention patents, 32 utility model patents.