Quality system

Quality policy: lean management, scientific and technological innovation, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence
Lean management is a prerequisite for sustainable and stable development of the company, is the basis for the planning of the quality management system. The "lean concept" and "process approach" in the whole management process of product realization, people-oriented create high-quality staff, scientific and advanced management methods of lean and realistic, full participation in quality management, improve the management level of the full range of Fu Swiss Corporation.
Is scientific and technological innovation, sustainable and stable development of the power and soul. Through the establishment of incentive mechanism and constraint mechanism perfect and efficient implementation of human resource strategy, each to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, and gradually build "scientific, pragmatic, passion, innovation" the enterprise core values, the formation of a strong sense of innovation in the company, to encourage all employees to "dry quality, contend for the first", occupy the industry the commanding heights.
Continuous improvement is sustained and stable development of the company's means, is one of the themes of the quality management system. The company focus on customer requirements, monitor and measure a full range of management process, product realization process, service process, continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system, continuous improvement of human resources, equipment resources, continuous improvement of production, life, environment and service conditions, to provide quality products to meet customer needs.
Pursuit of excellence, is the eternal goal of the development of the company. "The pursuit of excellence" can not be separated from the cooperation and support of the supplier, and establish a good "cooperative partnership" with the supplier, win-win cooperation and common development.
Quality objectives:
Products deliver qualified rate: 100%;

Customer complaint handling rate: 100%;